Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Here’s why walls don’t have to be blah anymore.

mud turtle sketch
When the RE committee and RE Education Director, Janet Perrault,at Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation decided it was  time to renovate their nursery, (entitled the Beatrix Potter Nursery), they thought it would be fun as well as educational to put wildlife scenery around the walls, as part of their tenets is to respect the “web of life.”
So a group of us got together on the weekends and with a little talent and a lot of elbow grease we livened it up with marsh grass and an apple tree on three of the walls. After a little discussion, it was decided that the back wall that was blue would look great as a small pond. I offered to do this undertaken as, well as you pretty much guessed…I like birds, swans in particular and thought it would be a fun project.

It is an undertaking that will take a few days but so far it is going well. After sketching out the originals onto sheet paper, I transferred them to the wall a few days ago. Today I finished the water and now will add all the birdies. I can’t wait!

Sunfish sketches
The idea that the walls in your house have to be a certain color or plain may be a little outdated. More and more people are really thinking outside the box when it comes to room décor. I did check out a few websites that do custom-made murals. Some of them are spectacular. Nothing boring about those walls! Wall paint can be easily colored to suit whatever your inspired ideas can come up with and the spectrum of colors available is only limited by your imagination. With the use of either purchased or hand-cut patterns, anyone can create a completely innovative look to a room. For supplies or other DIY info, check out Better Homes and Gardens site at: 

For myself, I think having a huge Madre Gras scene on my bedroom wall would be so fabulous. I will post on my progress next week. Thanks for visiting. If you have a comment or question, email me.

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  1. I love this idea about painting on walls! People worry too much about what the neighbors will think. I think its okay to make yourself happy - decorate those walls if you want to!