Wednesday, May 7, 2014

6 Unique and Creative Gifts for Mother's Day

Planting Zinnias for Mom

While we could never repay our mothers or mother-figures in our lives who have played a vital part of who were are, they do appreciate it when we let them know how special they are in our eyes. Of course a lot of moms like the usual fare; jewelry, flowers, candy, and dinner out on the town, but if you want to get her something she will remember, maybe some of the things on this list may do the trick.  Here's are a few ideas:

  1. Know a steampunk mom or gramma who likes to do things old school?  How about a Steampunk pepper mill from UnCommon Goods. 

  1. Or if she is kind of hipster, she may like the Great Moustaches cup available at Uncommon Goods. I personally liked this one. It would match my moustache cookie cutters.

  1. Now this is one she will not forget, I guarantee. Perpetual Kids offers a “mooning gnome” for your front yard. They also have merchandise to please your “inner kid” so if your mom can take a joke or just wants to annoy her neighbors, this may do the trick. 

  1. Ok, so you don’t have the money to spend, but still want to get her something thoughtful, how about trying your hand at writing a poem. It may not be the best, but she would probably appreciate the effort that you put into it.

  1. Oh yes and not to forget our “Earth Mother” how about planting a tree or starting a small garden? Seeds, a small bag of potting soil and some starter pots are all very inexpensive means of starting a small herb or flower garden for her, even if you don’t have a large yard to plant them. Window gardens are also very nice.

  1. Last, but of course, not least, small gestures such as a hug, making dinner, letting her kick her feet up for the day and relax, are also really cool ways of supporting mom (even when it’s not Mother’s Day too by the way).

Well there you have it folks. Happy Mother’s Day!. Thanks for visiting!

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