Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stolen Treasure!

My ad mock-up using the "treasure chest"
I was going out to do some errands last Thursday. I was kind of dressed up, so I
decided to put on one of my bracelets I hadn't worn in a while. When I went to get it out of my jewelry box, I discovered that it was gone!.

I was dumbfounded. I was sure that it would be in the last place I put it, under my vanity in the bedroom, but it wasn't.

Well, I  thought I probably put it somewhere else. I decided to go ahead and do my errands, and look for it when I got back.

I searched the whole house, top to bottom...three times.  Didn't find it. After concluding it was nowhere to be found and that someone indeed had taken it, how I don't know, I went down and made a police report.

This jewelry box pretty much contained my life in jewelry, a lot of which were antique and one-of-a-kind and given to me through the years. I will never get back the gifts my husband had given me when we were first married and of course will never be able to pass them down to my daughters and granddaughters as well as other jewelry given to me.  This is what bothers me the most. The monetary value of this loss pales in comparison to the loss of cherished memories I will not be able to hand down. A sad day for me.