Monday, July 22, 2013

FOUND In Road: One very large moustache.

First I put it on my car, of course

Last Friday was the first day that
I had ventured out for my usual a.m. walk.  It was a beautiful morning with a nice breeze off the lake and the oppressive heat we have been experiencing had not yet kicked in for the day. On the way back home, I see a black, shiny object in the road along the curb. It was folded up and lying on its side.  I picked it up and unfolded it.  I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a huge magnetic moustache. I presume it had fallen off some passing vehicle.  Apparently they don’t stick very well on them, which is unfortunately for the person who bought it. 

Right now its on my fridge. I thought it would stick better

When I got home, I decided to have a bit of fun with this huge iconic piece of plastic. First I washed it up good with some dish soap and dried it. Then,  I took a few pictures with the stashe, one on the fridge, one on the car, or wherever I could find it would stick. I got a couple of good photos before my camera battery ran down.
The kitchen door is steel, so it stuck.

They say if you look for something, oftentimes you find it. Look for strife, you find it. Look for the good (or bad) in people, you often find it.  What’s curious to me is how we find things we are not looking for. I certainly was not looking to find a mustache lying in the street. On the other hand, I think when we do find things, we should find the good in it or in this case, the fun in it. So I am not sure what the moral is to this story….but YOU can have fun with it. I know I did….I just won’t print it.
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  1. Nice. Wonder who lost it. Finders/keepers I guess huh? I agree that people should be thankful when they find something good.

  2. I like the moustache craze. I have a pair of earrings like that. Nice blog. Not a lot of politics, etc. lol.