Thursday, July 18, 2013

What the Bleep is Steampunk anyway?

                                            The white rabbit in a watch-my first steampunk necklace

My first encounter with the term “Steampunk” was
in an online article about steampunk parties that were beginning to take hold in some areas around the country. This was about a year ago.   My first reaction was “Yes!” I love this! I felt that steampunk was made for me as I was always keeping old bits of bric-a-brac or broken jewelry, thinking that I could use it somehow.  Since reading that article, steampunk has begun to be more mainstream and the list of steampunk movies, artists, recording artists, etc., continues to grow.

My take on Steampunk is that it incorporates science fiction as well as fantasy, and nostalgia morphing itself into a sub-genre that seems to be a sort of gothic-neo-Victorian view of what the 20th century would look like if we had to re-engineer and re-invent new uses for technology and machines when they ceased to function as they were supposed to. It also takes into consideration an altered view of fashion, art as well as cultural thematics. It rolls into one genre the scientific fantasy of H.G. Wells, the horror of Mary Shelly along with our nostalgia over the simple days of the bygone era. This is what steampunk means to me. Anybody else got any thoughts on it? Is it a flash in the pan or is it here to stay?-Marie

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