Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Top Three Blogs From Around the World.

Now that I am a blogger, I was checking out who else was in the blogosphere. These are the three that really caught my eye. 
Granted they may be more geared towards the artsy/crafty/writer’s genre, but all in all I think they have a lot to offer for anybody.  If you have a favorite site you’d like to add, or don’t agree with my picks, let me know

1.   Emma Lamb

I can’t say enough good things about this blog. It is simply gorgeous and just visiting it is like taking a stroll in the park. All of Emma Lamb’s photos are bursting with color and the inspiration behind each post is a breath of fresh air in the cynicism of the internet. This blog hails from the UK and can be seen at Her blog

2.   This City Never Sleeps.

Another UK blog that caught my attention is the London photo diary of Collin Kelley, novelist and poet. I like its sleek layout and videos set up as small posts. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words and his photos and videos are and interesting and thought-provoking. England is on everyone’s mind these days with the royal birth and all and this site is no exception to that. You can visit his blog here

3.   HertzenArt

Being a lover of fabrics, materials, and creativity, HertzenArt is based in Germany with its whimsical hand-made Vikings, artwork and textiles is by blogger, Sandra Monet, and is a charming site on the web.

So there you have it.   Now that I am hooked on blogging, I am sure to find many more blogs that I LOVE! So be ready to see more here!

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