Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Summer's Gold

My apologies for the lateness of my post. I had every intention of getting back to the business of blogging in September, but things being what they were......enjoying our brief  Michigan summer, catching up house projects and learning how to do my blog on an android tablet, it was not to be. I have been dragged kicking and screaming into today's mobile technology with auto-correct, emojies, and using the hunt and peck method of typing. It's been a challenge for me because I was so comfortable with my old desktop. But I'll adapt.......eventually.
Michigan Regional Entry

Artistically speaking, the summer did bring some interesting things my way. I was fortunate enough to have a piece of artwork accepted into the 87th Michigan Regional Art and Show as well as a 3D work accepted into the Art in The City show. I named this piece Thoughts Of Freedom In Copper And Blue.

  The Michigan Regional Art Exhibit is a well established show in Michigan, being the longest running art show in the state.  This year there was a record number of entries of over 775 with over 200 entries being accepted. After this selection, some that weren't chosen were selected for the Art in the City Exhibit. The best of show at the Regional went to David Huang of Sand Lake for Luminous Relic #133. While mine didn't place, I was ecstatic that I had an entry. This was the first time I had entered an art show and having two being shown in galleries at the same time. At long last I felt like an artist.

The second work was shown at The Red Lotus Gallery as a 3D work, titled Mercury's Shoes-Steampunked! This gallery in downtown Muskegon is located in a historic building, and is very charming with a friendly staff.
Art in the City Entry

As you can see by the top photo, I also tried my hand at growing marigolds. These are one of my favorite flowers, not for their scent but for their bright golden yellow and orange-red blooms but are also useful in making a healing balm good for insects bites or rashes, something that comes in handy when the Skeeter's are bugging us in summer. They seemed to like the Sandy soil out in the front of my house.

The two works mentioned can be purchased. If you're interested, contact me for
pricing and shipping information.

Please have patience with me while I work out the bugs

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