Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What to do After you Smash that Guitar Against a Tree.

The Winged Quill is back. It took me a bit longer than stated to decide whether to say goodbye to this blog or continue plugging away at it. It is going to be a more free-flying blog, so be prepared to be surprised. I've haven't idle, though. Been working on some art projects, this and that. One of the projects I finished was something that happened to come about when a small guitar kind of got sat on. After trying to fix it several times, to no avail, I told my grandson, "here, do something with this" He did. He took it out and smashed it up against a tree. I suppose just to see what the result would be. Anyway, I looked at it and in my weirdness, thought it would come in handy to make an art project with, so I kept the back and front of it. After a year or more of laying around in a box of other junk that I lovingly call "materials" I hauled it out and starting playing around with an idea. I thought it may fit with the memorabilia I had stashed away from visiting Memphis and Graceland about five years ago. 

Music, Memphis and Memories

While I realize that the Beatles don't figure into the Memphis music scene as well as Elvis, I like the Beatles, so I threw on some small pictures of them too, and while I definitely would love to go to Memphis again, I will think twice about eating at the restaurant that advertised "The Best Meal on Beale" (it wasn't, should have ordered the alligator instead of the fish, I guess). Creating art out of things that others throw away to me is the joy of envisioning the possibilities and potentials of what something can BE, not just what it was before it was broken. Imagine life like that. Awesome!

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