Monday, March 3, 2014

The Winged Quill has a new online gallery! ( With Photos)

Of Bees and Light, Acrylic 2014
The Winged Quill has a new category! It is tentatively called "The Gallery" and hopefully will be featuring new artwork as well as other creative exploits from artists, writers, musicians, crafters, jewelry designers, creative cooking, etc., young and old.
Today's Gallery is showing some of the recent works by this blog author and artist, namely myself, just to get the ball rolling.

Lately I have been working with a lot of mixed and multimedia works. I find these to be fun, relaxing, and can be done relatively quickly.

Some of the things that inspire me are nature, historical and vintage eras, and I like to use a lot of color and layering in my works.

Previously, I had featured "Imbedded Platitudes" and this work represents many of the aspects of what I like about creating steampunk and layered multimedia art.

Blue Fun Day
Did I tell you about my grandchildren? When they were younger, I would have them come over and we would have an "art day." Over the years they have made me many, many works of art.

The work at the left I called "Blue Fun Day." was made incorporating some of the little doodles and quick sketches along with some of my own. The frame is made from the "garbage" when game pieces were punched out. This is all held in place with a high-gloss varnish.

Untitled Mixed Media 2014
The last piece, currently untitled, you may note that blue is a dominant theme and I do love using blues and purples in my work. This was also inspired by my love of photography, acrylic painting, metal-work, jewelry-making and the use of permanent marker in line drawings (as well as I love using faux glass to imbed the little jewelry pieces and bits of found objects in. It gives it the three-dimensional quality that I love so much.

Thank you for seeing what is new at The Winged Quill. Since I have been blogging on a relatively consistent basis, I have began to have people from around the world check out my site. I think that is so awesome! Thank you!

I would like to extend an open invitation for all creative types, artists, writers, etc., creative cooks, jewelry makers, crafters, etc. to submit their works to post in the Gallery.

Just send a photo or two, or three, include a bio of yourself, what inspires you, what your work is about, etc., plus any contact info to:

For consideration for placement, contact The Winged Quill Writing Editor at
or send a hard copy to:

All submissions not used will be returned. Thank you for visiting!

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