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The Winged Quill's Top 10 Creative Blogs (Review)

"Contrasting Principles" Watercolor-Marie Helena, 2014

I haven’t done a review post in a while. For this post I wanted to search out the nooks and crannies of the web to find some blogs that focus on creativity as a whole. Of course, there are no shortage of these sites, and there are of course sites that list the “top ten, 75, or 100” so I won’t try to recreate their work here, but here are some blogs and websites that I thought fit my definition of "creative. So without further ado:

In my search of “creative blogs” I started out using  These are the first three listed, so in order of ranking, they should be the most popular. First on the list is Today’s Creative Blog at  I loved this blog. First of all there was a little birdie! That peaked my interest right off the bat (pun kinda intended). The blog is colorful, with large delicious pictures and instructions that are easily readable. Some of the categories are; home, crafts, recipes, and family travel. It looks to be a very friendly place with a down-home flavor.
I found A Creative Blog at which has a run-down of sites devoted to such things as DIY, photography, architecture, and even tattoo designs from around the world. The site is colorful, easy to read, and there are not a lot of pop-up ads (always good) on it that I could find and can be accessed by Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This blog is listed on ‘Creative Blogs” as number one, so I checked it out. It is called Bari J. at This is another blog that I absolutely adored! I would definitely agree that it should be a hit. Colorful, delicate, and whimsical. Artist and blog author, Bari J. is obviously a very talented, inspiring artist. She has tutorials and lots of pictures of her work, which proximately features flowers, ladies and intricate patterns.

Lines and Colors by blog author, Charles Parker, at is one of my favorite art blogs. (I link to it as I go there from time to time to check out what’s new). I can’t say enough about this site. The pictures are large, clear, and just beautiful. It is a well established blog at least since 2005, with a lot of articles and links to museum sites and art galleries. It is ranked 9th out of 75 art blogs by Blogrank, at a top blogger site.

EBSQ at  is a website says it is a “community of artists” where they can promote and sell their art. This is a membership-type site. It was ranked 8Th on Blogrank. It is colorful, and seems to be easy to navigate. The site states they have been around since 2000.

Fine Art “Indie Art” at
Is not really a blog, but their indie art was interesting. They sell basically all types of art, from abstract to impressionist. The examples of Indie art were quite nice, seemed very retro with a lot of Victorian females set in colorful backgrounds. A basic website for a large organization.
What would creative expression be without adding some Indie blogs? Well for one thing, I had a hard time finding ones that were actually “indie” and not a commercial enterprises. I did find a few. One was “” at Inventive, with a kind of anima feel to it. Colorful site.

Seven Thirty Three at is a creative blog on blogger. Pictures are colorful. It has a lot of tutorials and seems to be focused on knitting, but also lists ideas for parties.

For those wanting to create a blog, Smashing Magazine lists “50 Beautiful and Creative Blog Designs” at Not really the DIY but their designs were quite varied and nice, so I thought I would add it here.

Last on my list was from at Is informative in that it lists what the author considers the “top ten” creative sites, but is just a list form, nothing specacular. All recent postings on the blogs is given as a link.

Well there you have my favorite creative/art blogs for February. Do you have a blog you would like to add or don't agree? Let me know.

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