Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to keep the winter doldrums from getting you down

I call this "imbedded Platitudes

With the excitement and glitter of Christmas over, and the throes of yet another winter storm surrounds us, it is easy to get bored, listless, and just plain down in the dumps. I found myself going over the same news stories and familiar web sites, looking for…
What? I didn’t know. So I hauled out the boxes of gathered junk, got out the glue, paint, and scissors.

I didn’t really have a plan for the work, just a loose idea. I tend to save small pictures, especially if they are from the Victorian era as well as saving bits and pieces of broken jewelry, found objects, etc. I think the piece came together rather nicely and didn’t take up a lot of time. I sat and cut out the pieces while watching a movie. I found it relaxing. It also kept me from going to the fridge too many times for snacks!  

Point of all this: Experiencing life and living creativity helps keep us inspired. It adds meaning to our surroundings and can help give meaning and purpose to our lives. One can find inner creativity in a lot of different ways and doesn’t necessarily require a lot of materials, training, or time. The object isn’t really to make art as much as it is finding that wonderful state that makes art inevitable, no matter what the form that takes. Finding your inner creativity, getting focused, working through obstacles, and staying inspired is the goal here.

This piece didn’t take a lot of artistic talent on my part and didn’t take a lot of things that isn’t found around the house; bits of photos, pictures, bits of old jewelry or found objects, a little paint, glue and that was it. If you would like to make something similar-stay tuned: I will post the complete details and instructions next week.

Be inspired---Marie

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