Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How Creative Are You? (Take the Quiz)

One of the most common things I hear from people when it comes to art is “ I can’t draw a stick-figure.” I think the common consensus is that one must have an innate talent for art. While I think there may be some truth in it, as some families appear to have many artistic people within their midst, it may also be that it is just more accepted or nurtured. I am not sure.

I think that the desire goes a long ways in creativity. If you want to be an artist or a writer or what-have-you, you will find ways of accomplishing it, whether its taking formal classes or just taking up pens, pencils, or paint to do it. Sometimes it’s a matter of just finding the time and in our busy world, but I have heard that nurturing your creativity can boost self-esteem.

Some ways that may help boost creativity are:

  1. Get outdoors. Taking a walk, even a short one can help get the creative juices flowing.
  2. Put down the “I” everything…at least for a few minutes. Listen to the birds chirp outside or children playing (once they get off their computer games).
  3. Doodle on a piece of paper. I do this while I am on the phone. My mind just tends to wander. Sometimes I find a very interesting pattern when I done talking.
  4. Take the time to listen to it rain, watch the squirrels, smell the roses, the softness of the petals, etc.
  5.  If you live near the beach and the weather permits it, go down and watch the waves, listen to the sound of the surf, watch seagulls soaring overhead, run the warm sand through your fingers.

These are just some of ways that I have found helps me be creative. I hope you find them helpful.  

I found an interesting questionnaire while researching for this post on the website of The Art Institute of Vancouver. It’s a right brain vs left brain test for creativity. To take the quiz, go to

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