Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WTB Is That Mural all About in the Denver Airport?

Original acrylic by Kayla Dreese-LaBeau
As you might guess, I am a fan of
artistic expression in many forms. I am also a fan of reading newsy stories online and elsewhere. Most of the time, it is mainstream news, but I am also a fan of The Huffington Post.

Like many people who read stories on the web, when something catches my eye, I click on it. (hopefully that's what people do when they see my blog titles).

So when I saw a title listing the top 50 conspiracy theory stories, I had to bite. Most of it was the usual run-of-the-mill stories that go around the web like a flash-fire, but the one that really peaked my interest was a short blurb about a set of murals. I am currently involved in a local project funded by The Red Lotus and Muskegon Center for the Arts to paint a mural, so I was interested also in what the mural looked like.

The art-work which is in the Jeppeson terminal, Level 5 of the Denver Airport, was painted by artist, Leo Tanguma.I was kind of shocked by these murals. I found them rather disturbing and morbid and don't seem to be fitting for a public building.

As for conspiracy theories, I leave that up to the reader. There are quite a few sites devoted to discussing the murals, as well as some of the other art there, so I won't rehash it here. The Chive has quite a few close-up photos of it, and the writer at least gives some credible first-hand evidence of the murals as well as the supposed "bunkers" below the airport.

As for a review of the artwork, They are well-painted and colorful but flat. the composition is rather clumsy but was it obviously more important for the artist to make a point, then to be true to the artistic expression, and looks like he used the "Book of Revelations" as his inspiration,  for good or bad.

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