Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WTB is Transhumanism? and Why is it more frightening than the Zombie Apocalypse?

When @Dan Brown’s fourth Robert Langdon novel, @Inferno, was released on in May of this year, I was thrilled. Brown’s books are filled with
secret codes and mysterious agencies, convoluted plots, interwoven with real historical information which makes for a delightful, suspenseful thriller that for me is always a page-turner.

So when I read the press release on the novel, he talks about "transhumanism" and the push to create a sort of “super-human.” While the idea wasn't really anything new to me ( I watched the “6-million Dollar man” back in the day) I just had never thought that it had reached the point that it became what is described by Wikipedia as an “international cultural and intellectual movement” with the express purpose of using technology to increase the intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities of humans. And the proponents claim that eventually humans will have greatly expanded capabilities to where they will be described as “post-human.” To me the word “post” means after, such as the word post-mortem, or after death. In effect, this would mean after humans. Sounds more like annihilation than improvement of humans.

Personally the whole concept to me is inhuman. The push to combine humans and machine is horrendous and entirely unnecessary.  Just because they CAN create a half-human, half-machine doesn’t mean that they should. Transhumanism should scare people a lot more than zombies. Zombies are fictional. This is for real folks. I think the new movie Elysium is just kith and kin to the whole transhumanist ideal and I don’t have any plans to see it. I like humans (well most of them anyway) just the way they are…without machines attached to the back of their heads or spines growing out their backs. I checked out some of the art that is being created and while interesting, it is especially disturbing if you picture it as our future.

So what do you think? send me an email.

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