Friday, August 23, 2013

How to make art out of chaos (photos)

"heavy metal chaos"
Ever have one of those moments when you are
just not in jive with the universe? The day I did this was one of those days. I was working on some jewelry for an arts and craft show that was coming up.

After finishing up as I was putting  things away, I dropped the whole container of jewelry findings on the dining room rug. So onto the rug went hundreds and hundreds of tiny bit of metal bric a brac, findings, pins, clasps, beads. there are 17 compartments in the container, each one holding different types of jewelry findings. Needless to say, it was a big mess.
what was left in the container

It took me about an hour just to half-way sort through some of it. But before all that, when I looked down at it and saw the skull sticking through, I thought, "hey, thats kind of cool." So I took a few pictures of it before tackling the mind-numbing task of sorting through about a 1,000 assorted pieces of metal.So I guess this is one of those, "when life gives you lemons" kind of a story on a small scale. 

I called this "purple chaos"

After uploading it, I played around with in on my photo program and came up with the "purple chaos" photo below.  Got an idea of a story, interview, or photos? Let me know, I'm always looking for interesting things to post and would love to hear from readers!

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