Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beads and Baubles and Bling. Oh My!

As my blog is about creativity, finding your own muse and free expression; I try not to be self-serving, but I don't think people will mind if I at least let them know what I also offer in the way of merchandise. Besides, I have been making jewelry now for about 20 years, and  there is only so much room to store all of the end products of my creative urges.

As summer approaches I will be making the rounds at local craft shows besides Facebook but I also have had an opportunity to be part of a very cool project that is going on in my hometown where I will have the opportunity to have my work shown in a more permanent setting. As it is in the works, I can't really say much more, but will keep you updated.

As I have mentioned in a previous post about my love of jewelry, I won't go into detail again here. Suffice it to say, my passion hasn't waned any. I make a lot of retro-Victorian, Steampunk style, as well as more classically styled pieces. I am also pretty adept at re-stringing and re-purposing pieces if anyone is interested. If you live outside the area, and it would have to be shipped, no problem. Shipping is free! Send me an email for details or questions.

Adventurine/ Flourite. Gold-filled beads $65.00

 I use genuine gemstone beads, imported crystals, gold-filled and sterling silver accents on many pieces as well as using lead-free components for the chain and clasps. I order my unfinished materials from a U.S. company based out of Oregon.  I also like to make nature-themed pieces.

My Retro-Victorian pieces have hand beaded chain, imported crystals and some have Swarvoski crystals.  Thank you for letting me share my work with you! -Mariehelena.
W/vintage Crystals $100.00

All my pieces are original designs based on Victorian styles but with an edgy feel to them. I use high-quality, lead-free components from a U.S based company. All my pieces are original designs made with love.

Vintage crystals $100.00
w/Genuine moonstones $65.00
Vintage pearls $25.00

Cultured Pearl/Crystals $45.00
Victorian Filagree $95.00

Retro-Victorian $45.00

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