Wednesday, November 25, 2015

To my readers: A heartfelt thank you.

Marigolds that have bloomed through November

On this eve of Thanksgiving, 2015, I wish to express my sincere thanks to my readers who have been kind enough to stop by and visit my page. I still consider myself kind of a newbie to the blogosphere, having only been doing this for steadily for about two years, give or take. In that time, I have noted readers from many different countries. This surprises me somewhat, but also gladdens me; that they have somehow found my humble little blog.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts. I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk about things that interest me about art, about creativity and the freedom of expression that fires up the passion for art in all its many forms. I also thank Google that this site is still free. It has given many bloggers a platform and sometimes the boost they needed to take their blogs to fame and fortune (it does happen, I'm told).

This post is also to serve as kind of notice that from now I will only be posting new articles on a monthly basis; as it has been difficult sometimes to come up with new and interesting posts every week, I feel readers may be better served to have a longer article with more substance than little meaningless blurbs just for the sake of a weekly post.

So this year, I hope that you and yours are safe, warm, and happy, and can enjoy the holiday with friends and family. Namaste-Marie

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