Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Winged Quill is flying the coop (but not for long)

Wanted to let my readers know that I will be taking a short stay-cation and to work on some exciting new projects in the works for The Winged Quill....but don't let that ruffle your feathers, I will be back in two weeks for more updates, reviews, photos, and much, much more.

I leave you with this wonderful little poem written by my great-aunt Elsie Hasty Norton to her husband who had passed away.


I heard some wild geese calling
As they flew across the sky,
I looked, but could not see them

For they were flying high,
They do not need a compass
Tho’ with storms they’re often

But fly straight to their haven
And are seldom ever lost,
My heart is like the wild geese
Always calling for you dear,

But you have gone ahead of me
And cannot see or hear,
Someday without a compass
Tho’ with storms of life I’m

I hope to find you waiting,
For without you here---I’m lost.*
By Elsie (Hasty) Norton

Besides being a talented poet and very nice lady, Elsie Hasty Norton was very creative. One of my most cherished memories was visiting her, where she would always have homemade treats and conversation. But most of all she would let me stand on a chair and gaze wondrously at the whimsical memory box on the wall, which held a small-scale house front where one could look through it's curtained window into the library with the fireplace glowing and and overstuffed chair just waiting for the right little fairy-size person to sit by its fire and read their favorite book. It was magical and perfect.

She married my great-uncle Lloyd Dallas Norton who was also a World War I veteran and passed away in 1966. Elsie passed away in 1973. She also had the distinction of being related to Abraham Lincoln (exactly how I am not sure) and my mother tells me her nephew used to give lectures on the subject to school children around the country.

For everyone on spring break right now........have fun, stay safe. Namaste-Mariehelena.

*Copyright to this poem belongs to its perspective owners and is used here for information purposes only

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