Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What makes you an artist?

"jeweled girl", 2010

I can’t really remember when I decided I wanted to be an artist, probably around age 12. It was what I told people what I was going to do when I grew up; either that or a nurse. Things being what they were, like having to go out and make a living, I opted for the medical stuff, working a variety of positions within that field for over 20 years. The two careers are seemingly worlds away from each other: The medical field with its exactness and science, and art with its ideal of freedom of expression; although having knowledge of anatomy helps when drawing figures. Even though I love all things medical and “sciency”, my heart still yearned for art. I never stopped drawing in those years, it just too a backseat to the other more important things in my life; especially raising two daughters; being the sole bread-winner until they graduated high school. But I never considered myself an “artist”, just somebody who could draw or design clothes or jewelry, or make crafts.

It wasn’t until recently that I seriously started to pursue becoming better at my art by trying new techniques and studying how to improve on it. While I still consider myself a novice, I have at least acknowledged to myself that I could call myself an artist, not just someone who draws or paints; not so much because of the fact that I have managed to sell a few pieces; but by the fact that art and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. When we can achieve something that is creative and pleasing to the eye-either our own and hopefully someone elses; if it makes us happy to create it; or that it has the power to move the viewer emotionally or conveys a message; one is indeed an artist. 

So for all you creative people out there: Wherever the wings your creativity take you, soar free; soar happy, for you are an artist; whether or not anybody else acknowledges it for the world needs more creative people. Namaste-MarieHelena.

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