Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Painting the Roses Red....or Maybe Venetian Pink

Venetian Roses & Lilies in Carnival Glass
Tiger Lily
Ah, flowers. Roses-red and otherwise, lilies, white, yellow, pink and spotted, gold and yellow marigolds. They sooth us with their scent. They inspire us to write poetry. We grow them. We decorate our home with them. They adorn our celebrations; we  give them to our sweethearts and we give them to our least once a year.

Artistically, we also photograph them, sketch them, sculpt them, and paint them in many different genres and methods. Many times on my walks along Muskegon Lake, I take my camera to photograph flowers I come across.
Flags flying Purple
Some are from my garden.

I, like many other artists, enjoy recreating the beauty of a flower.
Lilies from my yard, color pencil
Of course the results may depend on the skill of the artist, and flowers are not easy to paint, but it can also be fun and relaxing.

Tulip in a vase, colored pencil
Besides drawing in grade school, my first attempt at flower drawing was in 1982 in color pencils, one of my favorite mediums.

My first attempts at flower painting in acrylic were of single flowers, not really having the skills I felt I needed,

 I felt it best to start small. Some of these turned out rather well for first attempts.
Very Pink Flowers in a Curved Vase
Later on, I felt brave enough to attempt painting bouquets! I hope you like them! 
Roses, Marigolds and Pinks in a Blue Vase

In an internet search I found quite a few websites dedicated to flower painting, some of which state they offer free lessons.
While I did not personally check out their sites thoroughly, I offer you their links and because I am always interested in learning new techniques and gaining experience as a painter, I will be checking them out myself (especially the last one).

Here are three that looked interesting: 

If you are interested in purchasing any paintings/drawings you see here, you may contact me at my email address. Namaste!

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