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Creating Decorative Eggshell Keepsakes (Holiday How-To)

Colorful Easter Eggshell Keepsakes

These colorful eggshell keepsakes are great for gifts, decorating, or as heirloom mementos. They keep well if kept in egg cartons and stored in cool, dry area. 

Step 1.  With a large darning needle, poke holes in both ends of an egg, insert needle into egg and stir, breaking up the egg so that it comes out easier. Blow out egg into a bowl, being careful not to get any of the raw egg into your mouth. (This step should probably be done by an adult). Clean remnants of egg out by using a small medicine syringe and injecting warm, soapy water gently into the eggshell. Rinse and let dry.(For more in-dept information on this step, visit:  Instructables

Step 2. After the shells are dry, place it onto a holder to stabilize it while painting, etc. one can easily be made by the use of a skewer inserted into a cup, or as seen here, pushed into a ball of non-hardening clay with the pointed end up to place the eggshell onto. Glue a small round of paper onto the top end of the eggshell before painting to ease placement of a ribbon or cord. Let dry.

Glue small round of paper on top
Step 3. Gather some tools and supplies such as scissors, tape, glue dots and/or glue gun with sticks ( a small one works well), paint brushes, jar for water and clean-up cloths. Here is where the fun begins! These creations are versatile and can be made with a variety of materials; covered in cloth, glitter, paint, beads, pasaky and dyed (of course). Just let your imagination run free and above all, have fun. They don’t all have to be perfect, even some of the mistakes come out looking pretty good.
Shealynn painting her Eggshell

Some suggestions for decorating are:
Acrylic paints
Food color dyes
Glitter or glitter glue or glitter markers
Metallic paints or markers
Bits of ribbon
Sequins, rhinestones
Small beads or pearls
Left-over materials


Be sure to let the paint and glue dry well before too much handling or putting on a hang ribbon. I had a few booboos myself with this and the glitter all came off.

The eggshells pictured here incorporate acrylic paints, velvet cloth, glitter, markers, traditional coloring, ribbon, cord. I have also used lace as well as wire (although these were rather time-consuming, they did turn out really nice). 
Adding glitter

When you’re done, add some ribbon and your creations are ready for gift-giving or holiday decorating!

Some of our creations!

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