Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Jewelry Fashion Predictions for 2014 (Better Late Than Never)

Neo-Victorian necklace by Marie Helena

This is my take for jewelry trends for the upcoming year for   jewelry and fashion lovers:

Since we are already well into February , this may be a little late, but better late than never. Some of these on the list tend to be timeless and of course, vary with crafter and designer.
 Massive, Dramatic and Heavy Metals: Big and bold ornaments are in this season. (Really, really big). No such thing as “too much” anymore. This is absolutely desirable. Drippingly dramatic and decadent embellished pieces are still making a statement in 2014. So are large metallic pieces using curbed chain or chain mail will still stun this year. I am seeing more and more metallic jewelry already; chains, hoops, layered and draped. Love it! 

Antique, Vintage, Retro & New Combinations: Everyone loves the look of antique, vintage and retro jewelry. This year is no exception with the 20s, 70’s, and the 80’s are figuring prominently in fashion as well as jewelry (Thanks in part to The Great Gatsby, Im sure.). It has become ever so chic to mix them together to create a whole new genre, with the marriage of vintage and avante garde pieces. My own personal favorite style to design is Neo-Victorian and Steampunk. Kayla LaBeau is modeling a necklace I designed for her (photo) for prom with a matching bracelet. It is hand-beaded chain with chain loops and a drop pendant.

Dramatic, unique and unusual necklaces:  At one time, pins and brooches were the thing, but this year necklaces are becoming a key component to personal adornment. Many popular styles such as bib, long chains, pearls, or with pendants. One of a kind pieces using mixed media, “Steampunk” themes create a wonderful mix of artistic, individualistic look.

 Ornamented & Bold Bracelets: Cuff designs including “slave Bracelets”, yoga bracelets made from materials are also a hot trend this year, along with large metallic cuff bracelets with charms, studs or chains are very trendy too. 

Eclectic Natural Ethnic and Tribal Looks: Ethnic and regional styles never really go out of style with the use of natural stones and materials such as turquoise, carnelian, jade incorporated into unique one of a kind designs create that “mother earth” feel. 

Crystal, Rhinestone & Venetian Art Glass: Crystal, rhinestones and art glass are some materials that are always popular so jewelry using them is always desirable. Lamp glass and art glass beads make awesomely unique pieces! 

Black, Grey and Neutrals: These colors in a variety of materials is popular in both men’s and woman’s jewelry and accessories this year, using such materials as glass, metal, crystals, leather and steel, especially the gun metal colored steel. 

2014-2015 Color predictions: The color tones are dark greens, muted pale blues, taupe, violet and purple, red, yellow, burnt orange, black and grey. 

Faux & Real Pearls: Pearls, of course, exude pure class. This year is no exception. They have been prized for jewelry for centuries and have inspired many stories, myths, and legends. However in 2014, pearls are not your mom's string of pearls anymore. Whether real or not, colored bright blue, mauve, or cultured, they are everywhere. They are beautiful in a long chain, combined with diamonds or other gems, draped, or wrapped, they are still classy. They can still be feminine but with a edgy appeal in 2014. 

Over-The-Top Rings:  Everybody loves rings, faux or real. The more you can put on your fingers, the better!. Pearls, crystals, large, or small, rings are still the thing. 

Enormous Hoops and Chandelier Earrings: While they may be on the way out, hoop earrings still resonant with a lot of people. Maybe because of its versatility and ease. They pretty much go with everything. Chandeliers are still popular even though the trend has been around a while. 

Green Eco Aware Movement: Thank you tree-huggers and mother nature lovers for this trend! If you are not into the over-indulgent world of glitz and jewelry, this may be more your style (and good for you!). Jewelry crafters are re-using, recycling and re-purposing many things to make their one-of-a-kind goodies, using such interesting things such as milk cartons, used newspapers, or just plain trash (known in the arts and craft world as ephemera).  So be on the look out for some really interesting jewelry this summer at craft shows and fashion shows. 

So now that you have been armed with the newest predictions for jewelry, are you itching to buy some? There are designer sites galore on the internet, one just has to type in the word “jewelry”, but if you are on a budget or like to shop the unique specialty shops in your area, check your local Chamber of Commerce, craft show listings, or local phone books, for places to shop. An excellent site for craft jewelry as well as millions of other hand-crafted merchandise, Etsy, is one of the biggest online sources.  If you would like to see my jewelry designs, visit my Etsy shop (link on main page). Thanks for stopping by!

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