Wednesday, January 8, 2014

“The Winged Quill” Change of Venue/Focus for upcoming posts.

Snow-covered Icy "fingers"

I, like most of you, endeavor to make a new start, start afresh each January 2nd. The holidays were great for me, except for the obstacles that having a computer crash meant for my blog and my business. Hopefully I have put that behind me and look forward to many more years of happy blogging. 

Having did some reading into how to make a successful blog, I found that the one thing that they say to make it a good one is to find a focus and, of course, try to be as “real” as you can.

With that in mind, I had to do some soul-searching to find my focus as it related to this blog and try and stick to one or two basic themes. Soo…to make a short story long, I have decided that this blog might be better served and the people who read it, to focus on the “Creative Expression” concept (wherever that may lead, be it art, photography, writing, or other creative pursuits) and leave the other things maybe to another blog. I think that concept has enough behind it to carry it, but some of the prior posts no longer will fit into that genre, unfortunately, so they eventually will be moved to another site.

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