Monday, August 12, 2013

The Random Artist Strikes Again.

Who is this guy?

There has been another case of random art to hit the Lakeside district. This time, A face has appeared on
the abandon building that used to house Jilly’s on Lakeshore Drive. This appears to be the work of the same artist that has previously put the face of an unnamed woman around the town on various buildings, most of which were also abandoned or for sale. It makes me wonder if this is the point of the art. By looking at it, I can tell that the “face” was rendered onto white plastic sheeting similar to a white garbage bag, probably so they can place it quickly onto the surface.  It seems to have been put up within the last two weeks or so.  Is it a self-portrait? The drawing appears to be a man in his 30s or 40s if I’d hazard a guess. Anybody know him?

It is possible that it is the same person who also has put up bicycles chained to poles. Although in that case, I think the bikes are put there as an advertisement to promote a certain bike shop.

What I like about this art is obviously its spontaneity. While it’s often difficult to ascertain what a certain artist was thinking when he or she make the work, its cool when it gives us something to ponder, along with a bit of fun.  Maybe this artist wanted to give people who drive up and down the same road every day, a little jolt just to break up the monotony. Or perhaps to call attention to a building that is decaying and should be getting some use. It is so apropos. I can’t wait to see what building will sport a new face next.

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