Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FOUND: One Really Strange “ Schroom” Growing from the Sidewalk?

White fungus growing next to sidewalk

I went for my usual Sunday stroll yesterday. The weather was pleasant with a nice breeze coming off the lake. I decided to take my camera to get some photos of
flowers in McGraft Park. It is looking a lot better since the restoration efforts implemented last year.  It gives me a sense of peace and calm looking out over the rippling water of Ruddiman Creek and seeing the ever graceful swans, turtles basking on a log and the occasional blue crane scanning the water for a nice fish to eat. The geese had also taken up residence again this year and I tried to steer clear of them so a not to scare them (that and to avoid their poop as I didn’t bring my galoshes). 

On the way back, I stooped down to tie my shoe and I spotted this strange, white growth jutting up from the dried grass, about three to four inches from the sidewalk. Cringing just a little bit, I reached out to touch it.  It was cold and slimy. I thought it might be a puffball mushroom but it was too solid for that. 
Tried to get a closer pic of the fungus

I am not a mushroom expert, but it does seem to be sort of a fungus, but more like what you would see coming out of a tree, not the ground. I personally have never seen this type of fungus growing from the ground in Michigan but I could be wrong. Anyone have any thoughts on the thing? Should we be concerned about this anomalous growth? Or is it normal for fungus to grow from sidewalks now? To see some really more really cool (and strange mushrooms).  
The geese kept their distance from me

Here are some of the photos I took while at the park. I got some nice photos even though I think I may have been a little late for the full summer bloom. I will have to wait until next summer and try again.  I am not really big on flower identification, other than what grows in my yard, and it continues to be a learning process for me but I do enjoy photographing flowers.  McGraft Park in Muskegon, Michigan is one of my favorite spots in the summer. It was a favorite for family picnics held there when the girls were at home and right now they are having summer concerts at the  For more information, check the calender to see the events happening there and around skitown


Asters ?

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